Such Dreadful Bombing Attacks Was Never Expected To Sri Lanka: Defence Secretary

Such Dreadful Bombing Attacks Was Never Expected To Sri Lanka: Defence Secretary

The massive chain of the dreadful terror bombings attack occurred on Easter Sunday, was totally unexpected for the Sri Lankan government. Defence Secretary Hemasiri Fernando said and professed that even after receiving hints the earlier from intelligence about the attacks which killed 290 people along with 8 Indians, would have been “impossible” to safeguard a large number of churches in the island nation. Seven suicide bombers have been detected as the local Islamist extremist group National Thoeheed Jamath distributed a sequence of ruining blasts that smashed the luxury hotels, as well as churches in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, the most dreadful terror attack in the country.

For Sunday’s attack, no group has claimed responsibility, but police arrested 24 people – most of the members of an Islamist extremist group -connected with the blasts which also killed 31 foreigners, along with eight Indian nationals.

Mr. Fernando told in media, “it was quite impossible to protect a large number of churches last Sunday despite receiving prior information to these attacks.

He informed the government was totally stunned by this magnitude of the dreadful attack and attempting to find the cause of the failure to prevent the bombings despite having the information about the bombings. The Defence Secretary was mentioned that “an emergency law is non-functional in this country since Sri Lanka is a democratic country. Therefore there is very little I can do ”.

Mr. Fernando that the state intelligence service had informed the government of a small but assembled a powerful criminal group operating in the country. Mr. Fernando remarked that the state intelligence service had already instructed the government of a less but arranged and powerful criminal group controlling in the country. He claimed the FBI has already introduced the probe into the incident while the Interpol id assumed to arrive in the country on Tuesday. The Defence Secretary also told the government will not offer protection to hotels as it is a gesture must be looked after their relevant security officials. Mr. Fernando told the government had not provided the security to hotels even during the civil war.

Interpol Secretary-General Jurgen Stock offered through a twitter message full assistance to the investigation being spread by the Srilankan authorities.  

Meanwhile, the President of Sri Lanka Maithripala Sirisena gave the military sweeping police powers in the wake of the Easter bombings. The military was provided a wider couch for detaining and arrest suspects-powers that were used during the civil war but pulled back while it ended.

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