A Venezuelan mother carried the 22-pound body of her daughter who is 19 years old, across the dark streets in Venezuela on the way to the city morgue while the two hospitals refused them without taking any admission and her daughter died in her arms.

Shocking video footage of Elizabeth Diaz stepping to the morgue in Valencia carrying a sick and skinny body of her daughter during a crucial condition of national power blackout throughout the entire country went viral.

Other video footages showed how desperately the hospital staff protecting by torchlight amid fire burning. Once the dazzling city plunged in the blackness.

Already the crisis of food and scarcity of medicine and uncontrolled inflation which have forced millions of starving people to leave the country.  Venezuela is the country which recently experiencing the worsening blackout in recent decades, as the socialist President Nicolas Maduro declined to allow any kind of assistance from foreign.

On 9th March, Diaz had desperately tried to admit her critically malnourished daughter, who was suffering from cerebral paralysis to her local diagnostic center CDI in the northern city of Valencia.

Diaz told in the video footage, “ The doctor told me that they had finished their day, and there is no light”.

She added, “ So I was going to bring her to Los Lamos so that she could get a checkup.”  She told her daughter then started to jerk and after that suddenly became stiff. She was escorted by police through the dark city streets, according to Herbert Lizeth Gonzalez, the journalist who interviewed the Venezuelan mother in the video footage.

The video became viral, through a chain of Venezuelans who were going through the crucial circumstances m for surviving in the meantime of humanitarian crisis. Other images and videos footages of people starving since month presented the actual state of humanitarian crisis.

The United States declared on 11th March that it was withdrawing the remaining personnel from its embassy in Venezuela mentioning the collapsing situation which left the country with a scarcity of power, food, medicines, water, and communications since on 7th  March.

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