South Korea Intends North Korea Summit Before Seoul Visit Of US President

South Korea Intends North Korea Summit Before Seoul Visit Of US President

South Korea requested North Korea to detain another summit with its leader before the visit of the US President’s visit to Seoul next week, while the United States said its door remained “ wide open” for the discussions with Pyongyang.

North Korea US Special Representative, Stephen Beigun, talking at a Washington forum, said the United States had no pre-terms for latest discussions with North Korea, which have been impeded since a failed summit between the US President and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un in February.

He said,” the door is wide open to negotiations and we expect and hope that in the not too distant future we will be re-engaged in this process in a substantive way”.

Biegun said the United States was inclined to discuss all commitments made by the two leaders at first summit in Singapore last year, which included security guarantees for North Korea. However, he insisted that the progress would require “meaningful and variable” North Korean steps to desert its nuclear weapons program.

Citing the same Atlantic Council event, Biegun’s South Korean counterpart Lee Do-Hoon called for the fourth summit between Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Lee said, “ I urge North Korea to respond to President Moon’s outstanding invitation to hold an inter-Korea summit, if possible before President Trump visits Korea next week”.

The US President is due to make a tour to Seoul next week for meetings after taking part in the G-20 meetings in Japan. The US President’s Hanoi summit with Kim fizzled after both sides failed to restore US demands for North Korea to submit its nuclear weapons and North Korean demands for a raising of punishing US-directed international approvals.

North Korea had not replied to repeat US and South Korean petitions to restart discussions since Hanoi, although the US President said last week he had received a “ beautiful” letter from Kim. The US President thought something positive would occur with Pyongyang but gave no details and said he was in no rush for a deal.

Washington has given no remark of a desire to ease up on approvals and declared on Wednesday penal moves against a Russian financial institution for reportedly assisting North Korea to dodge financial sanctions by helping a company involved to Pyongyang’s primary foreign exchange bank.

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