Self-declared Venezuelan President Juan Guaido Directs to Permit Ingress of Humanitarian Aid

Self-declared Venezuelan President Juan Guaido Directs to Permit Ingress of Humanitarian Aid

The self-declared interim Venezuelan President Juan Guido directed the armed forces of the country to permit the ingress of the international humanitarian aid, which is starting to be accumulated at storage centers.

In a meeting with the agricultural producers Mr Juan Guaido told, “Once again, a direct order to the armed forces at this time: Allow the necessary humanitarian aid to enter to take care of your families, your sister, your mother, your wife, who surely need supplies and some of whom, unfortunately, surely also have certain health conditions ”.

Especially, the opposition legislator Franklin Duarte made a complaint that an army convoy was preventing the crossing in the border point at Tienditas, a contemporary potential linking between Colombia and Venezuela and where the humanitarian aid is condemned to receive.

The opposition legislator Franklin Duarte told, “ What is blocking … the Tienditas bridge, where (the soldiers) are expecting the humanitarian aid to pass, is a cistern (truck), a container and today in the morning a convoy of the National Armed Forces arrived”.

Later in the remarks to the reporters, Mr. Guaido told that he had the information about the blocking in the bridge against the container trucks, which seemed to him “an absurd reaction by a regime that is not interested in the public”.

Mr. Guaido told the local media, “Despite that, we’re going to do everything possible so that this aid can come in”.

He also restated that , “ if part of the aid does not come in” in an immediate manner and is not circulated among 250,000 and 300,000 Venezuelans, then “they are at risk of dying,” including this was why he highlighted that while the opposition speaks about “a life or death fight”, that is meant quite “literally.”

The interim President also told, “ The regime still doesn’t know what to do. The first information we had is that they were going to steal it. The next is that they’re not letting it come in, the next is that they’re letting it enter and stealing it later on”.

The humanitarian aid for Venezuela was requested by Mr. Guaido, despite the declination of the Nicolas Maduro directed government to receive it, claiming and sanctioning it to come in could raise the risk of the foreign invasion on the country.

Although this is not clear how the aid will ingress into Venezuela, the opposition led Parliament has already described that collection and establishing centers for the aid were set up in Cucuta, in Colombia, by a group of Venezuelans.

According to the National Assembly, which was led by Mr. Guaido, the additional rendering centers will be established in Brazil and on undetermined Caribbean island for collecting and shipping the aid coming from Venezuelan-capitalized firms abroad, particularly in Colombia and the US.

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