Self-declared Hackers Stole US Evidence In Russia:Court Filing - TNBC USA

According to the information of US Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, self-declared Russian hackers stole the important evidence which has been handed over by prosecutors secretly to a Russian firm charged of sponsoring a promotion campaign for interfering in 2016 election.

In a court filing, Robert Muller’s office informed that few unresponsive data has been posted online from a Twitter account that claimed the credit of the stealing information. According to the prosecutors, the data which was posted online was, “ altered and disseminated as part of a disinformation campaign aimed (apparently) at discrediting ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the U.S. political system”.

The prosecutors figured some illegal activity which stimulates the concerns of the intelligence officials of US about the persistent efforts by Russia for interfering in US politics. The Russian firm, Concord Management, and Consulting LLC is being legally proceeded in the investigation of Muller on the allegations of US which was interrupted by Moscow in 2016 to impede the proceedings by American democratic and assist the Republican candidate Donald Trump to defeat Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

Muller is also probing whether there was any collaboration between the members of the US Presidential campaign and the Moscow Personnel. The Kremlin declined any kind of interference in the election and the US President, Donald Trump refuses to confess about any conspiracy, calling the probe a political witch hunt.

In the disagreement between the prosecutors and the US attorneys of Concord, Wednesday’s lawsuit in the District Court of US  for the District of Columbia is the latest move over whether the defense officials can share the high confidential evidence with the corporate officers of Russia.

Among those defense officials, one is businessman Evgeny Prigozhin, an associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin and known in Russia as “ Putin’s cook”.



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