According to Russia, it was all set to facilitate the beginning of the dialogue between the government of Venezuela and the opposition but alerted the United States against interfering in Caracas internal affairs.

Russia has supported the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in his deadlock diplomatic position with the opposition leader Juan Guido. Nicolas Maduro keeps control of the state federations including the military forces, but most of the Western countries, along with the United States, have acknowledged Juan Guido as the President of Venezuela. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told, “We have been maintaining very important contacts with the government of this country and stand ready to provide a kind service in order to facilitate the process of finding ways out of the situation ”.

He also told Russia had made some resolutions to Venezuela for reconciling its crisis without giving any details. Moscow has invested billions of dollars on the economy of Venezuela and oil production. The opposition supporters came back to the streets to create international pressure on Nicolas Maduro and claiming for the allowance of the humanitarian aid into Venezuela, where food and medicine scarcity in the peak.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the US State Secretary Mike Pompeo in a telephone call that Washington should not intervene in the internal affairs on Venezuela including Military forces.

Lavrov also told Russia was ready for a conference on the situation in Venezuela in line with the United Nations authority. At the United Nations, the United States is forcing the Security Council to invite fair and reliable presidential elections in Venezuela according to the international diplomats.

UN Ambassador of Russia, Vassily Nebenzia stated the US draft resolution as “completely unbalanced”. While questioned if he would put the Russian draft resolution to an election, he told, “We’re just discussing it ”.



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