Russia Rebuffed Unjustified Accusations By US

Russia Rebuffed Unjustified Accusations By US

Russia declined US allegations as an unjustified stain that Moscow may be executing a nuclear test at a low level in violation of a moratorium. The Foreign Affairs Ministry said Russia was in entire consent with the potential Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which Moscow endorsed in 2000.

It invited for the United States for endorsing the treaty. The leader of the US Defense Intelligence Agency claimed that Russia was most probably not clinging to its nuclear testing embargo in line with the “zero-yield” limit set by the CTBT.

The Russian minister said in a statement, “such accusations are absolutely groundless and aimed at trying again to smear our country ”.

Settled in the 1990s, the CTBT appreciates wide global support but must be approved by eight more nuclear technology States -among Iran, Israel, Egypt, and the United States to get the control of the force.

A remarkable Russian statement claimed, “we again call on the United States to show a responsible approach and to ratify the CTBT, without which its entry into force is not possible ”.

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