Russia Proclaims About Troops Sending Venezuela Following The Legal Norms - TNBC USA

Russia proclaimed its decision of sending military personnel to Venezuela for supporting the enemy surrounded dominion of President Nicholas Maduro was in following with the laws of the country after the move instigated a crucial reproach from the US.

Moscow and Washington have interconnected with the permanent growth over the political crisis in the South American country after Russian aircraft landed at an airport outside Caracas at the weekend frequently containing around 100 soldiers and 35 tons of military equipment.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov charged Washington for attempting to “organize a coup d’etat” in the oil-rich nation while US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo alerted that the US would not “ stand idly by as Russia exacerbates tensions”.

Russian foreign ministry representative Maria Zakharova charged Washington of “ aggressive rhetoric” over the issue in a statement on Tuesday.

She told, Moscow is “ developing cooperation with Venezuela in strict accordance with the constitution of that country and with full respect for its legal norms”.

She included that “ the presence of Russian specialists on Venezuelan territory is regulated by an agreement between the Russian and Venezuelan governments on military and technical cooperation that was signed in May 2001”.

Venezuela is rich in oil but sank into economic crisis, suffering monetary inflation and scarcity of food and basic goods.

Washington and its allies support Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido and admit his claim to be interim President replacing Maduro. Socialist leader Maduro receives the support of Russia and China, the US rivals who have offered him economic and political support.

Zakharova told Moscow will resume to “ develop constructive, mutually beneficial cooperation” with Venezuela.

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