Russia Expels 60 Diplomats In Spy Poisoning Case

Russia Expels 60 Diplomats In Spy Poisoning Case

Moscow, March 29-Russian president Vladimir Putin yesterday ordered 60 diplomats of various countries to leave Russia after the country became cornered by the verbal attacks of the rulers of the western countries. US president Donald Trump also put the blame for spy poisoning solely on Russia. Putin has recently ordered the US Ambassador to Russia to leave the country to teach the US president a lesson. According to a spokesperson of the Whitehouse Russia’s action was well anticipated and the US president was not at all astonished to see such insolent behavior of the Russian president. She also added that this decision of Russia would further deteriorate the bilateral relationship between the two countries. The spokesperson of the State Department Heather Neurt also described the incident of spy poisoning was also a violation of the rule of international chemical weapon.

Russian Foreign Ministry has already summoned Jon Huntsman, the US Ambassador to Russia and gave just one week time to 60 US diplomats to leave the country. In a meeting with the US Ambassador, the Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told that the US. Consulate at St. Petersberg would be closed in retaliation with the closure of the Russian consulate in Seattle. Russia has already expelled 23 diplomats from the country in retaliation with Britain’s decision of expelling 23 diplomats. The Russian president told the media that Britain could not gather any substantial evidence against Russia in the spy poisoning case and was putting the blame solely on Russia. He Also blamed both England and the USA for mobilizing other countries of the world to take actions against Russia. He also added that both the USA and England were creating a Russia phobia among the common people all over the world.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on March 30, 2018

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