Russia Claims US Missile Test As “Escalation Of Military Tensions” - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, Moscow has said that the United States was ramping up military tensions by testing a cruise missile weeks after pulled out of the INF Treaty. 

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told sources that “this is all a cause of regret. The US has obviously taken a course towards escalation of military tensions. We won’t react to provocations.”

On Monday, the United States has announced that it has tested a type of ground-launched cruise missile that was restricted under 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with the Soviet Union.

The medium-range cruise missile was launched from the US Navy-Controlled San Nicolas Island off the Coast of California.

It was a sign of Washington enriching its capabilities in the wake of the fall of the INF Treaty on August 2. 

However, most has feared the end of the INF Treaty, in which the US has accused Russia of violating in the recent years, might lead to a new and dangerous nuclear arms race. 

Ryabkov said that “we will not allow ourselves to get drawn into a costly arms race.”

He further informed that Moscow would stick to a unilateral moratorium over such missile systems “if and when we get them, as long as the US does not deploy them anywhere in the world.”

The INF has restricted all land-based missiles, nuclear and conventional, which could travel between 310 to 3400-miles (500 km to 5500 km) with an effort to destroy the class of nuclear arms that most threatened Europe. 

On Sunday, the cruise missile tests were conducted, which is a version of the nuclear-capable Tomahawk cruise missile. Therefore, the ground-launched variant of the Tomahawk was eliminated from service after the INF was confirmed.

Ryabkov has said that the missile test, just around two weeks after the US has withdrawn from the INF Treaty, displayed that it had been working on such missiles for a long time ahead of the withdrawal.

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