Russia Aids China To Develop Missile Attack Warning System, Says Russian President - TNBC USA

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the nation is helping China to develop a missile attack warning system, something which only possesses at this moment by America and Russia. 

President Putin was quoted saying, “We are now helping our Chinese partners to create a missile-warning system, a missile-attack warning system.” 

During an international politics conference in Sochi, the resort town of Russia, President Putin has said that “this is a serious thing that will drastically increase the defense capabilities of the People’s Republic of China.”

He continued that the United States President Donald Trump has decided to quit the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which had weakened international strategic stability. American has further accused Russia of breaching the treaty, a charge that was declined by Moscow, saying that the new nuclear deals should include the Chinese expanding their weapons. 

However, China has refused that suggestion. 

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