Rejecting Security Related US Concerns Chinese Tech Firm Huawei Initiated Offensive Campaign - TNBC USA

The telecom manufacturing giant of China, Huawei claimed that their products have not been featured with any security “backdoors” for the government, as the commonly reserved company scope the foreign media a glance its state-of-the-art facilities.

According to the US researchers, Chinese tech giant Huawei technical implementation and appliances could be manipulated by the communist government of China, for spying on the international developed countries, as well as interrupting critical communications.

Chinese Tech company has emerged an aggressive  PR campaign for encountering US alerts based on the doubts that Huawei has been manipulated by the political authority of Beijing for resuming espionage and disrupting communications.

Though the retiring founder Ren Zhengfei refusing the concern of manipulations sequentially in interviews to the foreign media.

As Huawei greeted the news organizations scoping with diverse facilities in Southern Guangdong province, the offensive claims have been geared promptly. The renowned Chinese tech firm included a stand at the Independent Cyber Security Laboratory of Huawei and the director of this specific cell, Wang Jin dismissed the US concerns.

The director of Independent Cyber Security Laboratory of Huawei told, “Our most basic red line is that our products cannot have any backdoors ”.

The journalist also explored a vast factory floor along with 35 highly automated convention lines in the city of Dongguan, where a lineup of robotic arms put together a Huawei P20 smartphone in every 28.5 seconds.

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