Singapore: On Tuesday, Vice President Wang Qishan said that China is ready to hold a discussion and work with the United States to resolve trade disputes because the world two largest economics stand to lose from confrontation. At the end of the month, the entire focus is on the focus is on U.S. President Donald Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. To impose further details Trumps has warned on tariffs on $267 billion of Chinese imports into the United States if the two countries cannot reach a deal on trade.

Wang said in the Bloomberg New Economy that “ Both China and the U.S. would love to see greater trade and economic cooperation. He further added that “ The Chinese side is ready to have a discussion with the U.S on the issue of mutual concern and work for a solution on trade acceptable to both sides”

The Vice President mentioned that “The world faces many major problems that require close cooperation between China and the United States. It is our firm belief that China and the U.S will both gain from cooperation and lose confrontation”

On comments by President Wang echoed that at a major trade expo, Beijing will embrace greater openness, amid mounting frictions with the United States.

On entry barriers to U.S business and a gaping trade deficit, Trump has railed against China for what he sees as intellectual property theft.

The further statement made by Wang is that “ Negativity and anger are not the way to address the problems that have emerged in economic globalization, not will barriers or disputes help solve one’s own problems. Instead, they would only exacerbate global market turbulence”

The Vice President also added “ Trade and economic cooperation remain the anchor and propeller of a steady and healthy China-US relationship which is in essence mutually beneficial. China will stay calm and sober-minded, embrace greater openness and work for mutual benefit”  

Hence, the U.S. state department has said that the United States and China will hold the top-level diplomatic and security dialogue in Washington on Friday.

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