Putin Cites Cuban Missile Crisis As Tough Reaction of Russia As Response To Any Missile Deployment Move of US - TNBC USA

Russian president Vladimir Putin told that the Russian military is ready for facing the Cuban Missile crisis if America takes any foolish move to push his country to the edge of the first nuclear strike.

In 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis emerged while Moscow responded to a US missile deployment in turkey by throwing ballistic missiles to Cuba, instigating a deadlock which pushes the world to the edge of the nuclear war.

More than five decades, diplomatic pressure is rising over Russian concerns about the significant foreign policy move of  United States which could deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles in the European country as a benchmark Cold War-era unrolling arms control treaty.

The comments of Russian President to Russian media professes the warning which indicates Moscow will confront any kind of military move of new missiles deployment by the US by instituting own missiles closer to the United States or through the faster missile deployment or both.

Putin unleashed his warning for the first time in detail, professing Russia could take the move of hypersonic missiles deployment on the ships and submarines which could endanger the US territorial waters outside if any intermediate-range nuclear weapons deployment move has been seen from Washington in Europe.

Putin told, “ We’re talking about) naval delivery vehicles: submarines or surface ships. And we can put them, given the speed and range (of our missiles)… in neutral waters. Plus they are not stationary, they move and they will have to find them  ”, according to a Kremlin transcript. The State Department of US dismissed the earlier warning of the Russian President as indoctrination, claiming it was prepared to distract the attention from what Washington proclaims are the violations of Moscow of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

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