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The United States President Donald Trump has decided to join Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the “Howdy, Modi” Event in Texas, organized by the Indian Americans has raised hopes that trade distinction between the two countries will be reduced

On Monday, the White House has confirmed the presence of President Trump at the event of Indian Americans – an influential voter base in America on September 22, where the Indian Prime Minister is likely to address a 50000 strong gathering. 

President Trump To Join PM Modi At “Howdy, Modi” Event Organised By Indian Americans In Texas /

Trade tensions between India and the United States have increased in recent months, after the US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has canceled Indian Generalized System of Preferences duty-free benefits and India has hiked tariffs on 28 US-based products. Still believes that there could be a limited trade deal during PM Modi’s next visit have extended stronger after the country has agreed to set-up the United States energy import orders from the existing $4 billion. 

“Howdy, Modi” Event in Texas will be the first stop in his week-long tour to the United States. Besides addressing the UN’s Climate Action Summit in New York on September 23, the Indian Prime Minister is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly on September 27. PM Modi’s address will come on the same day as Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. He is likely to criticize India for not lifting movement and communications restrictions in Kashmir, forced after PM Modi’s Government has announced to scrap autonomy in the region that is a source of dispute between the nuclear neighbors. He is also likely to meet with the CEOs of Energy Companies in Houston. 

Prime Minister’s Office did not reply to calls asking for comment. 

Vote Bank

The joint appearance at Houston during the Indian Prime Minister’s first visit to America after his “historic victory” election in May could benefit both leaders politically, report sources. President Trump’s attendance could help PM Modi to signal his supporters that his struggle economic policies could benefit backing the world’s largest economy. For the US President, the “Howdy, Modi” Event could be an ideal platform to address affluent voters. 

Kashish Parpiani, a scholar at the Observer Research Foundation, has said, “In the upcoming 2020 Elections, the Democrats are reportedly stepping up efforts to flip Red states like Texas. Traditionally, Indian Americans have leaned to voting for the Democrats,” adding that “but as political polarization grips both India and the US, the Indian American base in there is faced with a realignment of sorts – towards the sort of nationalism championed by the Modi dispensation back home.”

Indians have formed about a fifth of 20 million Asian Americans are often more educated and earn more than other immigrant groups, reported the Washington-based Pew Research Center. Around 65 percent of Indian Americans were Democrats or leaned toward the Democrats, reads the 2014 Pew-Research Paper. 

PM Modi’s earlier visit to address Indians in London, New York, Toronto, and Sydney have summoned rock-star welcome, with chanting crowds and song-and-dance shows in sold-out stadiums.

Mr. Parpiani said, “In such a scenario, for President Trump, the nearly 270,000 strong Indian American bases in Texas becomes a lucrative vote bank to vie for – by projecting himself and his administration to be champions of greater U.S. alignment with Modi’s India.”

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