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President Trump says India called him and demands to develop trade deal with United States

by Chandrani Sarkar | September 10, 2018

United States President Donald Trump expressed that India requested for a trade deal with the US, despite the strict stands taken up by Trump’s administration over the issue.

Trump wants to restrict the subsidies that growing economies like China and India have been receiving yet. However, he wants US to grow much faster than other nations, like the US according to Trump is a developing country.

Trump very often alleged India of imposing 100% traffic on products of America.

Without mentioning who called up whom, Trump said that “Frankly, I’ll tell you, India called us the other day. They said they would like to start doing a trade deal, the first time.”

“They wouldn’t talk about it with previous administrations. They were very happy with the way it was,” on Friday Trump expressed his supporters at a Joint Fundraising Committee event, which held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Trump exclaims that US trade representatives led by Bob Lighthizer, who he thinks smart, tough and very good.

Without details, the US President said that “We have very talented people. They said, ‘Why are you calling?’ Because of President Trump. I was going to wait a little while. We’re going to — like they want to do it.”

Japan and the US have already started a discussion over trade, declares Trump. He further claims to develop a friendship with a foreign leader and the list includes Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and India’s PM Narendra Modi.

President Trump said that “Practically, every time a foreign leader comes in to see me, whether it’s Abe of Japan, whether it’s Modi of India, I’ve become friends with all of them.”

“You know, some of them are tough relationships because they’ve really been taken advantage of our country for many, many decades. But I’m friendly. They respect me. I respect them. They’re respecting our country again,” added Trump.

Conceding the latest GDP number, Trump said that “Think of this. One point in GDP, now when I started, it was down into low ones. President Obama had the slowest recovery since the Great Depression, so lowest. The worst recovery. It was like this. It was just terrible. And I’m not even knocking it. It was terrible.”

He continued that “We have such incredible growth. What’s happened has been very much of a miracle, but they haven’t seen the miracle yet. The miracle is going to start because now we’re getting things ready.”

He also questioned that if nations like China and India can grow much faster then why not the US.

Donald Trump expressed that “I’ve said, ‘You fixed a trade deal. When India has six, seven, eight percent, when China used to have 11, 12 percent, they’re still at six or seven, when they’re at seven percent they’re feeling bad. And I’d say, ‘How come we have to be at one percent?” Well, it’s the size. I said, ‘Really? Well, China is bigger than we are and India has 1.5 billion people. How come there at 10 percent and 11 percent?’ Well, they can’t answer it.”

He added: “They can be at 11 percent and we’re at 1 percent, and they’re saying, oh, that’s great. No, no, we have more potential than any other country.”