President Trump Makes Fun With Putin, “Don’t Meddle In Election, President”

President Trump Makes Fun With Putin, “Don’t Meddle In Election, President”

Much of the United States President Donald Trump’s Presidency has been concealed by the allegations Moscow assisted get him elected, but when it came to opposing Russia President Vladimir Putin over the issue, President Trump said it in a joke. 

Don’t meddle in the election, president, don’t meddle,” said President Trump with a smile, wagged his finger playfully at President Putin as the pair held talks in Osaka, on the sidelines of the G20 Summit. 

President Putin did not say anything, only smiles in reply to the comment, which came only after a reporter asked a question, asked whether the US President would warn President Putin to influence 2020 Presidential Election in America. 

It was the first time meeting, in which the two leaders held face-to-face talks after a controversial meeting in 2018 in Helsinki. 

President Trump has been determined throughout his Presidency by suspects of suspicious ties with Russia. 

A major investigation introduced by a special prosecutor Robert Mueller claims that there was an organised campaign in Russia to influence 2016 Presidential Election won by Donald Trump.

It also found links between Donald Trump’s Election campaign and Russian Operatives, but there were no clear evidence of a joint plot, and the United States leader has termed the findings as convicting him.  

Ahead of meeting with President Putin, Donald Trump has brushed aside queries from sources about what they would discuss. 

President Trump said at the White House, “What I say to him is none of your business.”

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