PM Oli to build Ayodhya Dam in Nepal, claiming of Ram Bhoomi continues.

PM Oli to build Ayodhya Dam in Nepal, claiming of Ram Bhoomi continues.

Within a week of the inauguration of Ram temple in Ayodhya, Nepal PM KP Sharma Oli yet again came back with a ludicrous claim of Lord Ram’s Birthplace. It came upon the backdrop of a bitter power conflict within the ruling Nepal Communist Party that is widely seen headed for a split.

The PM further instructed to start working on constructing “Ram Janmabhumi Ayodhya Dham” in Nepal which according to him is the real Ayodhya.

Oli has directed the Chief of Madi Municipality of Chitwan to rename the Madi municipality to Ayodhyapuri. He also led out a plan to celebrate ‘Ram Navami’ at “Ayodhyapuri” so called the birthplace of Ram by placing idols of Ram, Laxman, Sita and Hanuman.

According to Nepal’s official news agency National News Committee, on the occasion of Dussera, PM Oli will conduct ‘Bhoomi Poojan’ after that the construction of the temple will take place.

PM Oli’s contentious effort to correct the birthplace of Lord Rama has drawn criticism from religious leaders in Nepal including the priests at the Janaki temple, believed to be the birthplace of  Goddess Sita. Acharya Durga Prasad Gautam, the Nepalese priest who participated in the bhumi poojan at Ayodhya, had turned down Oli’s claims by saying the claim as preposterous.

According to several experts, Oli’s unexpected concern in religion recently emerges to be a note to China and its diplomat Hou Yanqi that he was their best bet against India and hence receive Beijing’s support.

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