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On Sunday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the nation was prepared for any scene after a cross-border fight with Lebanon’s Hezbollah, but neither seemed anxious for another clash. 

Israel military has said that anti-missiles from Lebanon has targeted an army base and vehicles. It replied with fire into Southern Lebanon, after a long week of growing tension raised fear of a new clash with Hexbollah. 

Iran-backed Hezbollah Movement said that its fighters has destroyed a military vehicle of Israel, took lives and injured those inside. 

No casualties were reported, said Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu introduced pre-election campaign ahead of elections within three weeks likely to be complicated by clashes in the North, highlighted business as usual after bitterness erupted along the frontier with Lebanon. 

However, Israel Prime Minister continued his regular schedule, commented on the security situation, in Hebrew, at the beginning of a meeting with the visiting President of Honduras, and didn’t take questions from sources. 

PM Netanyahu said, “We were attacked by a few anti-tank missiles. We responded with 100 shells, aerial fire and various measures. We are in consultations about what’s to come,” adding that “I have given instructions to be prepared for any scenario, and we will decide on what’s next depending on how things develop.”

He continued, “I can make an important announcement – we have no casualties, no wounded, not even a scratch.”

The United Nations Peacekeeping Force on the outline of the clash has informed that ‘calm’ had returned to the area at night. The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon has further said that it had asked both sides to “exercise utmost restraint to prevent any further escalation.”

Both have fought a month-long battle in 2006 after Hezbollah detained two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid.

Israel has been on high-alert for a conflict with Hezbollah for the last week after two droned crashed in southern suburbs of Beirut, with one got exploded. Security forces in the area have described the target as connection with precision-guided missile projects.

Any new battle between Hezbollah and Israel would raise the risk of expanded conflict in the Middle East, where Iran has termed the United States’ attempt to force it to negotiate 2015 Nuclear Deal it has reached with the world powers. 

At the same time, Israel is alert by growing influence of Tehran in the area via militia allies such as Hezbollah in nations, such as Syria.

The powerful militias of Iraq have accused a number of recent blasts at their weapons depots on the US and Israel. 

Hezbollah has claimed that operations that were carried out by a unit, accused after two it’s fighters were shot dead by an Israeli air strike inside Syria. 

An Iranian security official was quoted saying that the Hezbollah attack was “a reciprocal measure.”

On Saturday, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has said that field commanders were all set to reply to last week’s drone attack, which they blamed on Israel. But like PM Netanyahu, Nasrallah has not specified Hezbollah was looking for full-scale war.

Amid threats, Israel has deployed extra forced into the border area that was largely quiet since 2006 war. 

Without claims responsible for the drone attack in Beirut, Israeli military has introduced what it termed were detailing about an widen Iranian-sponsored campaign to offer Hezbollah with the means to produce precision-guided missiles.

Hassan Nasrallah has claimed that Hezbollah has enough of the missiles, discharging claims that it has factories to produce the missiles and weapons.

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