Passengers on Two American Flights From Europe to Us Fall Sick - TNBC USA

One day after of a flu outbreak on the Emirates airline from Dubai to New York, the two flights from Europe arrived Philadelphia along with passengers and crew safeguarded by the medical teams after becoming ill of 12 people with the symptoms like flu.

Diane Grace, the representative of Philadelphia International Airport informed as a provision, Rest of 250 passengers has been sent to Paris from Munich for a medical review and US Prevention and Disease Control Centers are notified.

She also said that from  Munich Flight 717 and from Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris Flight 755 reached in Philadelphia.

Benjamin Haynes the representative of CDC said, along with the health officers of Philadelphia, CDC cooperated with the Customs and Border Patrol agents, as well as emergency responders for a frequent check-up of the sick passengers in case of respiratory problem and influenza.

Haynes said, “ Twelve passengers from the two flights reported a sore throat and cough, none were identified with fever. None of the passengers are severely ill, and they will be released and informed of test results in 24 hours.”

She said that rest of the traveler of the two other flights were permitted to continue towards their destinations. She also added that the CDC would inform additional information after the confirmation of results.

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