Over Deep Conflicts , China, US Initiates High Level Trade Discussions - TNBC USA

China and the United States initiated a crucial round of high-level discussions targeted at probing on their months-long trade war among the deep breaches over the Chinese operations on the technology implementations, as well as intellectual property. Cabinet-level officials led by Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and the American Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, assembled in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the White House, with around a month to arrive a deal before 2nd March to the deadline for increasing tariffs on the Chinese goods.

In the beginning, during an image opportunity, two days discussions have been scheduled. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Lighthizer along with the Trump administration officials sat across a round table silently from their Chinese counter fellows, neglecting the questions of the reporters.

After a few minutes, Lighthizer ended the silence with a joke along with small discussions about the position of the table and the appearance in photographs from the meeting between the US President Donald Trump and the Chinese President Xi Jinping in Argentina in the last year.

The discussions started two days after the United States accused Telecommunications Company of China, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd along with its Chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, for making conspiracy to violate US sanctions on Iran by doing business through a subsidiary it tried to conceal.


Meng Wanzhou was imprisoned in Canada on 1st December at the request of the United states , which is attempting to have her exiled.

The discussions in Washington are assumed to be rigid, with little sign so far that the Chinese officials are interested to address the core US demands for fully safeguarding the US intellectual property rights and end the policies which Washington has told to force US companies for transferring technology to the Chinese firms.


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