Over 34 Dead In Afghanistan As Bus Hits “Taliban” Bomb - TNBC USA

On Wednesday, around 34 people had died in Western Afghanistan, after the bus, they were traveling hits a roadside bomb, officials’ report, days after the United Nations has warned the civilians were dying at “shocking” level in the nation.

The bomb blast ripped a passenger bus on the main highway in Farah at 6:00 AM, took lives of mainly women and children.

A spokesperson of Farah Police, Muhibullah Muhib said that “a passenger bus traveling on the Kandahar-Herat highway hit a Taliban roadside bomb killing 34 innocent people and wounding 17 others.”

Afghan Presidency’s spokesman Sediq Sediqqi has confirmed the number of death, blames the incident on Taliban.

A spokesman of the Interior Minister, Nasrat Rahim has termed the blast as a “barbaric act of terrorists”.

However, there was no immediate confirmation for the accused that were behind the blast.

Taliban has resurged the war-torn country since its regime got collapses in 2001 by the United States invasion, made a number of oaths to reduce the civilian death count.

Civilians have long paid an uneven price in around 18-years since the United States invaded Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, the United Nations has released a report claims that casualties have fallen to 27 percent in the first quarter of 2019 compared to similar in the last year, which was noted to death of 1366 civilians and 2446 injuries.

It further branded steps to reduce the violence “insufficient”.

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