Over 1000 Murder Accused Held In Brazil Police Operation - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, the Brazilian Police force has conducted a giant anti-murder operation in every part of the country, detained over 968 convicts in a day, reports the National Council of Civilian Police Chiefs.

The arrests included 56 men suspected of killing in an act of domestic violence or due to gender-biased discrimination.

These efforts were two phases of the large so-called Operation Cronos. In every state of the country, police forced has shared real-time updates of their work on social media, along with photos and video footage.

Civil Police tweets, “By imprisoning murderers, we hope to prevent future crimes.”

During the first phase of Operation Cronos in August 2018, police detained around 3000 people found guilty of murder, domestic violence, gender-based killing, among other crimes.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, which is the part of the Organization of American States has expressed in February about “deep concern” over gender-based violence in Brazil, noted that around 126 women had already been shot dead in the violence in Brazil, so far this year.

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