Over 100 Percent Turnout In North Korean Local Elections, Kim Jong-Un Cast Vote - TNBC USA

On Sunday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has cate his vote in nationwide local polls, which recorded around 100 percent turnout claimed for every ballot held in the state. 

Given the absence of any fight among candidates, local elections in North Korea are considered important as a political ritual, which permits the authorities to claim a popular mandate while reinforcing loyalty to his regime.

99.98 percent turnout in 2019 was a 0.01 percent improvement on the figures appeared to cast votes in 2015. 

Only those overseas “on foreign tour or working in oceans” were unable to cast their vote, reported KCNA, adding that even “voters troubled with aging or illness cast their ballots into mobile ballot boxes.”

North Korea hold local polls every 4-years to elect representatives to provincial, county, and city assemblies. The 99 percent of voters in the de facto single-party state participates in the elections and 99 percent of them cast “yes” votes for uncontested contestants. 

The authority touts the high turnover as an instance of its “single-minded unit” to praise the “Korean-style people-centered socialism.”

President Kim has visited a polling state in Hamgyong Province and cast a vote for two candidates- Jong Song Sik and Ju Song – runs for county assemblies in the region, said KCNA. 

The North Korean leader “warmly encouraged them to become faithful servants of the people by fulfilling their duties so as to live up to the anticipation of the people, being aware of being the representatives of the people,” added KCNA. 

Kim Jong-un himself ran in 2014 for the rubber-stamp legislature, which is popular as the Supreme People’s Assembly, directing a perfect turnout with 100 percent of votes in his favor.

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