On The Holiest Christian Day Dreadful Terror Attacks On Hotels And Churches Snatches 207 Lives

On The Holiest Christian Day Dreadful Terror Attacks On Hotels And Churches Snatches 207 Lives

Suicide bombers attacked hotels and churches in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, causing brutal deaths more than 200 victims through an extreme level of devised coordinated attack targeting Christians and also the foreigners leaving the island nation staggering.

For this brutal attack, no terrorist group claimed the responsibility for the attacks, lethal violence can be compared with the civil war a decade ago.

Police arrested almost 13 people for the involvement with the brutal bombings in this terror attack, and during a raid at the home of a suspect, three police officer were also lost their lives. Sri Lankan officials failed to identify those arrested or discuss a crucial motive for the attacks. At least, 450 were injured in the attacks as per the estimation of the police officials. All the local televisions were broadcasting the splinted pews pictures and the captured images of blood-stained floors on Sunday as the dreadfulness of the attacks inked the holiest day in the Christian calendar, with the colour of terror.

According to the claim of the State Secretary Mike Pompeo, the dead also included “several” Americans. He accused “radical terrorist” for the attacks. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe informed the media that some government personnel had foregoing hints about the attacks but they did not take any move on the matter.

He claimed in a news conference, “information was there, this is a matter we need to look into”.

A letter circulation on the social media had been surfaced for issuing a notice by a senior police official on 11th April, alarming of the potential attacks on the churches by an Islamic activist group. The letter could not be verified independently.

Though Sri Lanka is a Buddhist nation chiefly, it’s also home to Hindus influentially, Christian and Muslim communities. The island nation is pondered as a popular destination for the tourists for its peaceful landscapes since the end of the 26 years long civil war.

In the cities including Batticaloa, Negombo and Colombo, the terror blasts smashed three churches at 8.45 am while worshippers were appeared for the services, as per the information of the police. Bombers also hit three hotels and also a banquet hall in the capital of the island nation Colombo.

Srilankan defence minister, Ruwan Wijewardene stated the attacks were executed by suicide bombers. The sixth attack occurred from 8.45 to 9.30 am. There was the seventh blast at the banquet hall about 2 pm and an eighth at the house raided by the police at 2.45 pm.

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