California battling with 29 Wildfires, Temparaeture reaches the triple-figure mark - TNBC USA

Its been an uphill task for the Firefighters as they are battling with fire, smokes, soaring heat to control the raging wildfire that broke across California.

There are at least 29 active fire recorded as per the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The dangerous Inferno already darkened more than 1,20,000 acres of land. And posing a risk of more 10 million people into the darkness as California’s grid operators are working to keep up the power system from collapsing due to the raging heat waves in ages.

Major Active Fires

Loyalton Fire | Sierra County

  • Size: 43,444 acres, 10% contained
  • Evacuations: There are mandatory evacuations in portions of Plumas, Lassen, and Sierra counties.

Butte Lightning Complex (Includes Potters Fire) | Butte County

  • Size: 1,000 acres, 0% contained
  • Evacuations: The Butte County Sheriff’s Office has posted emergency alerts with evacuation Information

Jones Fire | Nevada County

  • Size: 340 acres, 0% contained
  • Evacuations: Residents are alerted for evacuation here

Nearly 4,000 people are evacuated from Jones Fire and more than 11,000 are given warning for evacuation.

Raging fire and excessive heat are adding more complexity to the firefighters as the temperature soared to 130 Fahrenheit (54.4 Celsius). its hottest temperature since 1913.

Tourists on Monday took a picture of an outdoor thermometer at the Death Valley Furnace Creek visitor center which showed the record temperature.

Multiple heat records were set on Saturday. The weather service recorded a high of 112 in Woodland Hills, crushing the record of 108 set in 1977, and a high of 92 at UCLA, shattering the record of 90 set in 2003. Downtown Los Angeles hit 98 degrees, equaling a record set in 1994. The heatwave is expected to be continued till Thursday.

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