North And South Korea Plans To Organise A Summit In April

Seoul-North and South Korea jointly announced yesterday to participate in a summit on denuclearization scheduled to be held on 27th April . The date of the summit was announced after a prolonged discussion between the leaders of two countries. Both of the countries yesterday agreed to hold a working level meeting on 4th April 2018 on three issues sing support, Security and news release. The Chairperson of North Korea’s committee told the media there were certain issues those were yet to be resolved to ease the tension between the two countries. A chaotic atmosphere was created when North Korea tested nuclear reactors and ballistic missiles last year and North Korea even threatened to attack the USA. Later North Korean president Kim Jong Unchanged his decision and sent the North Korean team to South Korea in the Winter Olympics in February to build up a friendly relationship with South Korea. China, a close neighbor of North Korea and South Korea has described the decision of organizing a summit on nuclear disarmament as a ver commendable gesture of the two countries. The Security General of United Nations also praised the presidents of the two countries for taking such a good decision. Japan’s Foreign Minister Taro Kono also said that the Prime Minister of Japan Shinjo Abe had expressed his interest to meet Kim. The whole world is looking forward to the meeting of Kim with US president Donald Trump that may be announced soon.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on March 30, 2018

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