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Yarraka Bayles, an Australian woman, has recently shared a heart-rendering video of her nine-year-old son Quaden. In the video, the little boy is seen sobbing uncontrollably after he was bullied in school. Through the video, the mother has sent a message on the influence bullying has on kids. 

In the video, the boy appears to have Dwarfism, is in his school uniform, and is seen leaning on the car seat. Yarraka received his son from his school in Brisbane on Wednesday and saw him crying uncontrollably and saying he needs to kill himself due to the regular bullying he faces in school because of his peak. 

In the 6:46 minute video, Quaden says, “Give me a rope, I’m going to kill myself.”

“I just want to stab myself in the heart. I want someone to kill me,” he reiterated. 

Ms Bayles says, “I’ve just picked up my son from school, witnessed a bullying episode, rang the principal, and I want people (to) know, parents, educators teachers, this is the effects that bullying has, this is what bullying does.”

Nine-year-old Australian Boys Wants to Kill Himself After Being Bullied |

The mother further says that she saw a student patting him on his head and making fun of his height.  “He ran to his car in hysterics because he doesn’t want me to make a scene at the school. I feel like I’m failing as a parent. I feel like the education system is failing,” Ms Bayles says.

She urged the other parents to educate children on the severe impacts of bullying, which can make them suicidal.  

“This is the impact bullying has on a nine-year-old that just wants to go to school, get an education, have fun.  Every single day, something happens…another episode, another bullying, another name-calling…. Is there any advice or any support or anything that other parents or families have done to raise disability awareness within the school so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen?” she asks.

“I want people to know how much it’s hurting us as a family. I want people to educate their children,” the mother says.

Soon after the video was shared, millions of people showed support for the little Quaden. The video has over 15 million views so far, and people are using the hashtag #TeamQuaden.

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