The senior Authority of Pentagon has said, that Trump administration thinks that New Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan should get enough space for exploring the initiatives for the improvement of their diplomatic relations with India.


Randall G Schriver, the US Assistant Secretary of Defence for the Asian and Pacific Security Affairs   said an international event, organized by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, that  so many governments, coronated in the high commanding post in Islamabad and they take important initiatives to boost the peaceful relationship with India, but soon they can realize the  controversial challenges and problematic reality.


He said, “ We want to give the new prime minister of the new government of Pakistan space to explore where  there may be opportunities to improve relations with India.” He was also replying when the moderator Ashley Tellis from Carnegie questions him on the triangular relationship between Pakistan, India and US.


Mr Schriver said, “ But in terms of separating what was said during the campaign and what he said since the election, we want to give him space to find the opportunities to improve things with India.”

Mr Schriver interpreted that the matter of allowing space for the new government of Pakistan in the  ambience of Indian-Pakistan relationship does not demonstrating any change in the policy of the Trump administration regarding Pakistan. The officials of Pentagon emphasized on the unchanged  policy towards Islamabad and ensured the stability of the current approach of cutting financial facilitation.

He also said, “ What I said about giving him space was really in the context of the India-Pakistan relationship. We would certainly like to give him space to make the right decision on a variety of things.”



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