A city in China has inaugurated a new border crossing with North Korea jointly. This new border crossing has been facilitated with potential radiation detectors – even the discussions between Washington and Pyongyang have declined over the controversy for the nuclear sanctions relief. The new highway border crossing has been located in the Chinese northeastern city Ji’an on Monday and this new crossing is actually complementing the three existing ports of the city as per the claims published to their website.

The city claimed, “ After three years of unremitting efforts, the China-North Korean Ji’an-Manpo Highway Port was officially opened”. The entire project cost 280 million yuan and the city evaluated 500,000 tons of goods and almost 200,000 people would cross through the new port each other.

But declining UN sanctions enforced on North Korea by the UN Security Council in 2016 and 2017 have compressed trade between the two Cold War-era allies.

China is pondered as the biggest trading partner of North Korea. While Pyongyang issues virtually no economic statistics of its own, Chinese Customs figures present exports to China have dropped by more than 90 percent since 2016, down to $213 million in the last year- although some spectators question their trustworthiness.

Sanctions discount was in a top for the agenda of North Korean Leader Kim Jong in the Hanoi summit with the US President Donald Trump in February.

But the summit ended without any settlement or even a lunch as both sides opposed over stepping back the nuclear programme of Pyongyang in exchange for releasing sanctions.

After the inauguration ceremony, the first 120 tourists crossed the border. Chinese tourism to North Korea has created a bond between two significant global powers and diplomatic relations have improved greatly in recent years.

The gate of the crossing is also integrated with nuclear radiation detection facility as per the claim of the city.  China has concerned for a long time about the dropping of the nuclear activities of North Korea and Jilin was pitched by an earthquake after a massive bomb test across the border in September in 2017.

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