Nepal-US-Bangla Plane Crash Happened Due to Pilot Smoking in Cockpit - TNBC USA

In the last year of  March terrible crash of US-Bangla airline  Bombardier UBG-211 pushed the authority to conduct a fair investigation  and they reported that the crash caused for the irresponsibility of the pilot as he was engaged in smoking inside the cockpit despite regulations during serving his duty as the pilot of the flight.

The company has made restrictions for the domestic ,as well  as international for the “ No Smoking Policy”. But the information reported by the commission confirms Pilot in Command was a smoker. The commission reported a conclusion based on the information of CVR (cockpit voice recorder) which provides evidence that PIC (pilot in command) engaged in smoking during serving his duty inside the cockpit.

Along with other authorities, the operation department is confused about the responsibility of PIC due to violate the safety restriction inside the cockpit.  After the crash ,Investigation Commission conduct a probe to reveal the reasons behind the crash of the airline.

According to the clarifications of the report, only tobacco was used in the duration of flight and dismiss the chance of use of any other kind of prohibited miscellaneous items during the flight time.

The Accident Investigation Commission fixes that the possible cause of the accident is due to disorientation and a full loss of conditional loss of circumstances as a part of the crew member,according to the inspection committee.

As many 51 lives has been lost while the flight impacted urgently after arriving on the Tribhuvan International Airport of Nepal.

The report reveals the entire details about the crash after the submission of the evidences from the Nepali Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. The Accident Investigation Commission fixes the possible cause of the accident is due to complete irresponsibility of circumstantial awareness in the part of the crew member.

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