Missing Las Vegas Private Jet Got Crashed In Mexico, 13 Dead

Missing Las Vegas Private Jet Got Crashed In Mexico, 13 Dead

The debris of a private jet that suddenly disappeared while flying from Las Vegas to Monterrey, located in Northern Mexico, was detected on Monday, with no sign that any of 13 people on board has survived, reports officials.

Air Traffic Controllers reported that they had lost contact with Bombardier Challenger 601 jet from May 5, after it has lost altitude over the state of Coahuila in Northern Mexico.  

In a statement, the State Public Security Ministry said that “on an overflight of the area, (officials) sighted the remains of the aircraft in a mountainous, difficult-to-access area in the municipality of Ocampo, Coahuila,” adding that “no survivors were observed.”

Images of the debris on Mexican TV has showed the shattered and badly charred remains of the aircraft, with only left tail and wings intact.

A State Aviation Official had initially said that there were 11 passengers on-board the jet but the Ministry has corrected the figure to 10 passengers and 3 crew- the Pilot, Co-Pilot and Flight Attendant.

As per the Mexican media reports, authorities suspecting that the charter jet was flying a group of passengers back in Las Vegas, in which Mexican boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has overpowered Daniel Jacobs of the United States.

Its destination was in the wealthy industrial city of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, which borders Coahuila. It was a 3-hour flight from Las Vegas to Monterrey.

Authorities alleged the bad weather condition behind the sudden crash.

Deputy Public Safety Minister of Coahuila, Francisco Martinez told TV network Milenio, “There has been a lot of atmospheric activity and instability recently. Over the past four days, we’ve had rain storms, hail and winds with gusts of more than 60 kilometers (37 miles) per hour.”

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