Messi Magic Pulverises Chelsea

Bercelona March 14 – Lionel Messi , the Prince of Football scored two consecutive goals and helped fellow teammate Ousmane Demble to score another and thus Bercelona reached the quarter finals of the Champions League yesterday The ace Argentine footballer ran stupendously from the halfway line which left the defenders of the opponent team perplexed.Marcos Alonoso of Chelsea faultered and the referee Damir Skomina refused to award a penalty to Olivier Giraud.
Chelsea manager Antonio Conte lamented and told reporters that their side badly needed a proper display of good
footwork but none of the players succeeded to perform well under pressure. He also added that a blunder of Cesc Fabragas on the half way line also helped Messi to pass the ball to fellow team mate Demble. Bercelona reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League consecutively for the 11 th time.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on March 15, 2018

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