L'Oreal to plead after UK setback in haircare patent row - TNBC USA

Paris (News Service) – L’Oreal (OREP.PA) the parent of the biggest beauty product company has announced on Tuesday that it would look towards appealing in the British court backing a United States start-up that cites the French cosmetics giant of contravening its patent on hair care items.

The case is on the stolon and thus too low, arousing the likelihood of a lawsuit in the United States. The California based firm Olaplex asserts the UK infringed a patent for its “Bond Multiplier” products. The treatment is mostly used by salon professionals that defend bleached hair and proved to be a success with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

Later L’Oreal launched a rival product of Olaplex Smartbond which crippled the sales of the competing product. However, in the middle of 2015, the company was in a takeover conversation with the Olaplex.

While the French beauty group has refused to the allegations as it had an approach to the privy information in the course of the accretion talks and says that no official due assiduity and rigor that would have allowed an enormous access that ever arose.

10 out of 11 claims in the case filed by Olaplex were dismissed by the UK court as per its ruling on Monday. However, it sustained one claim linked up to the Olaplex’s formula marking a mishap for L’Oreal.

“We will be applying for permission to appeal.”- said the French personal care company firmly disagreeing with the court’s decision.

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