Kudlow Succeeds Cohn As The New US Economic Advisor

Washington March 14 – The US president Donald Trump yesterday appointed well known media personality ` Larry Kudlow as the new economic advisor to the US president . He is all set to replace Garry Cohn, the present economic advisor according to the Whitehouse sources.
Kudlow 70, a Republican , as well as a Trump loyalist also served as an economic advisor of former US president Ronald Reagan in the 80s presently working with the CNBC NEWS was a right choice of the US president according to Chris Zacarelli. the Chief Investment Officer of Trump administration. Kudlow has witnessed several crests and troughs throughout his life. Once he became a drug addict and later he came back to normal life. Kudlow was very much vocal about free trade and he was also an undisclosed economic advisor of president Trump during his presidential campaign during the presidential election of 2016. On the otherhand Cohn, a Democrat was unhappy with the decision of the US predident of imposing tarrifs on Steel and Aluminium.
Kudlow, a supporter of freetrade also emphasised upon a strong economic policy and he was instrumental to stop economic irregularities of China and he even urged the president to take action against the economic activities of that country. Kudlow was also very much against the protectionist policies of the European union.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on March 15, 2018

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