Japan Volcano Erupted For First Time, Alert Level Issued - TNBC USA

A volcanic eruption took place near Tokyo, for the first time in 4-years, throwing ashes and smoke around 2 Km into the sky and preliminary warnings not to approach the mountain.

Mount Asama is situated at a distance of 90-miles (140 Kilometers) Northwest of Tokyo, exploded overnight and urged the national meteorological survey to issue its alert levels to three out of five, indicated people should avoid cracks.

It has further warned that the large rocks and faster moving flows of hot gases could affect a radius of 4 Km from cracks and nearby regions could be hit by ashes and smaller rocks, which is though depending on prevailed winds.

On Thursday, an official of the agency has told media that gases continued to be thrown into air but at “normal” level, adding that “we don’t see activity picking up.”

Last time, Mount Asama has erupted in June 2015. However, it was a small eruption and no casualties were reported.

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