It looks like President Trump’s attacks on Amazon go beyond tweets: He reportedly lobbied the USPS to double delivery rates

A recent acknowledgment of the U.S. President’s clash against America’s largest e-commerce giant Amazon.

Jeff Bezos Amazon Inc. would slow down only if it revolves around regulatory concerns. The company is keeping on with a progressive pace and continues to buckle its power instead of the U.S President making efforts to make conditions strenuous for Jeff Bezos and his company.

However, there are bleak chances for the regulatory action to hit the company. The regulatory action seems improbable, somewhat because of the anti-trust law and to some extent because of the U.S. President’s Amazon action has brought too much criticism on Twitter. On Monday the Washington Post reported that Donald Trump has on a few occasions personally looked forward to influencing the head of the U.S. Postal Service. General Megan Brennan, U.S postmaster has announced that the Amazon and its retail partners would be charged twice the previous amount for delivering packages to customers. As per the most recent request that appears somewhat four months back.

The decision is more likely to drive Amazon towards a loss worth billion and also lumber it with extra costs. While the Washington Post mentions Brennan has till now rejected Trump’s attempts in an ungracious manner.

Amidst the U.S president’s grudge Jeff Bezos and his e-commerce giant, who holds the Washington Post is the disposition with the United States postal service which plays the most crucial role in driving the orders to the dwelling place of the customers. Trump has ordered for a special task which would review the postal service, thus making it bitter for Bezos and Amazon.

It was found that the USPS was miscalculating costs linked to the Amazon deliveries. Howbeit there can be nothing that can put Amazon to a halt.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 22, 2018

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