Israeli legislators voted vigorously to disband parliament and hold snap elections on 9th April. Lawmakers supported the move 102 for and two against after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s alliance approved on Monday on early polls. The premier’s alliance was left with a one-seat preponderance after defence minister Avigdor Lieberman strode in November over a controversial ceasefire deal.

Party leaders have crashed to agree on a key point of the bill regulating and documenting ultra-Orthodox Jews to the army, and that was the urgent reason for moving toward elections.

However, analysts say that Netanyahu wanted the polls before Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit declares his opinion on whether to direct the premiere in three different fraud cases.

While no official timeframe has been given, reports declare such a declaration could come in mid-April.

With politicians now accessing campaign mode, Netanyahu met in Jerusalem with the Israeli leaders on the settlements occupied in West Bank and made his pitch for why they should stick with him. The recent alliance of Netanyahu is seen as the most right-wing in Israel’s history. He said, “We’ll see an attempt by the left-wing to overthrow our rule with the help of the media and others ”.

He added, “ They can’t succeed, because if they do — that will pose a clear danger to the settlement movement”.

Calling on their backing in the elections, Netanyahu told the settler leaders they should not take the fate of their enterprise for approved.

He said in the remarks circulated by his office, “We had to work hard, with the current American administration as well, for the great achievements we brought the settlements ”.

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