Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu achieved a remarkable victory, declared exit polls shortly after the election process ended in the country’s third election in a year. Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party is set to become Israel’s largest party which has defied all expectations”. Three networks forecast after exit polls that Likud and its allies won 59 parliamentary seats.

Some experts expressed doubts over his win and to secure re-election after being charged with corruption. He is also facing a trial which is due to start in two weeks. However, after the clean victory that leader mocked those who “predicted the end of Netanyahu.”

Early Tuesday, Israel’s Central Elections Committee said all of the votes had been counted, and they will publish the final results by late afternoon on Tuesday. The results declared, Netanyahu’s Likud wins 39 Knesset seats, and Benny Gantz’s Kahol Lavan won 30 seats. He posted a picture on his twitter after the victory with his other party officials and with his wife. 

Israel Election Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed a giant victory |

“This is a night of great victory,” the PM said while giving his history speech along with his wife Sara at Likud headquarters. “We won against all odds,” Netanyahu said. 

“They eulogized us, but we prevailed. We made lemons into lemonade. We turned Israel into a superpower, we nurtured new connections with world leaders, including more leaders than you can even imagine in the Arab and Muslim world,” Netanyahu added. 

He further stated, “When I say that we will bring peace agreements with more Arab nations, it’s not mere words. There are things in the works. This is only the tip of the iceberg.”

Referring to his controversial campaign promise to annex the territory, he said “Throughout the campaign I’ve spoken about everything we intend to achieve in the coming years – applying sovereignty over our homeland in the Jordan valley.”

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