"India is an important partner and a key pillar of President Donald Trump's foreign policy," Mike Pompeo invites Mr. Modi to the next G7 Summit. - TNBC USA

Secretary Pompeo invited PM Modi on the next G7 summit by saying, ” This is a new age of relationship between US and India” at the India Ideas Summit. He also added the US is working with India to magnify the Blue Dot Network to be open to trade with India.

Mr. Pompeo believes this strong relationship with the US and India will play a vital role in the threat posed by the Communist Party of China. Urging India to reduce the dependency on Chinese Firms by attracting the global supply chain away from China.

On India China border tension The Secretary added The US is deeply saddened by the loss of 20 Soldiers due to standoff by saying, “important that democracies like ours work together at a time when we see true scope of the challenge posed by Chinese Communist Party.”

We both are great democracies, world powers, and good friends, said Pompeo, and praised India for banning 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, and called the CCP a threat to both India and the USA.  He also added, “India is an important partner and a key pillar of President Donald Trump’s foreign policy,”

Furthermore, Mike Pompeo added to work together side by side to counter the pending problems like the pandemic by collaborating and developing the vaccine, building up maritime security, counter-terrorism, and connectivity. Shaping the world together and to move into something better.

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