India Goes Blazing on "Boycott China" - TNBC USA

The Indo-china Border tension and the hit of the Pandemic. The Entire nation is now moving up against China. Not only the Government, the small businessman and the public is also determined and turning away from the goods “made in China”.

Recently after banning nearly 59 popular Chinese apps, the Government has instructed the e-commerce giants, Amazon India and Flipkart to level up the country of origin of goods that are sold on their websites.

The Republican Senator John Kennedy praised the way India stood against China. This is certain that India is setting up an example if the relationship with China worsens, the US will take a similar kind of action if The President gets re-elected in the November election.

The companies have time until 1st August to roll out the labeling on the goods, with some items that can be pushed until October. The companies have asked for more time as there are millions of items listed for sale on their Online Platform.

The “Boycott China” might not be an Offical one. But India is strategically strengthening up to identify and limit the goods China sells to India.

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