India and US to Start Military Drill on Monday - TNBC USA

According to the information of the officials,  the Air Forces of the United States and India will start 12 days long military marches in Kalaikunda and Panagarh of West Bengal from Monday with the target to improve the operational coordination.

The‘ Ex Cope ’ India-18’ will be the fourth version of the sequels of bilateral drills between the Indian Airforce and US Air Force. According to the officials, the exercise is being held between two air force bases for the first time.

The IAF said in a statement, “ The aim of the exercise is to provide operational exposure and undertake the mutual exchange of best practices towards enhancing operational capability”.

The Indian and US Air forces are developing their entire coordination as a part of a strengthening of the security ties and defence between two countries. In the last year, US President Donald Trump had specified his South Asia policy professing a “ critical part” of it in his first prime-time address which was televised also. It was a further indication of the USA for developing a strategic partnership with India.

In 2016, in June the US had appointed India a “Major Defence Partner”consenting to lift the trade of defence, as well as sharing technology with India to a level equivalent with that of its adjoining allies and partners.

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