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In New York Federal Court Huawei Pleads No Guilty Over US Charges

by Haimantee Ghosh | March 15, 2019

The Huawei Technologies Co Ltd of China did not beg guilty to a 13-count  allegation filed in a Federal court in New York against the Chinese firm, as tensions have deepened between the US and Beijing.

As the largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer, Huawei was accused of bank and wire fraudulence, violating approvals against Iran and impeding justice. The Chief financial officer of the company, Meng Wanzhou, was imprisoned in December in Canada on accusations in the summons, which was not disclosed until January. She has told that she is innocent of the accusations and is combating with repatriation.

At the prosecution in US District Court in Brooklyn, James Cole, a US lawyer for Huawei, submitted a plea on behalf of the company and its US branch.

Huawei and Meng are blamed for conspiration to deceive HSBC and other banks by misleading the relationship between Huawei and Skycon Tech Co Ltd, a suspected firm which is operated from Iran.

Huawei has informed that Skycom was a local business partner, while the United States prolongs an unofficial secondary branch used to mask Iran business of Huawei. The Assistant US Attorney David Kessler told at the indictment that prosecutors were in the proceedings of serving Skycom with the charges and that the company was not yet programmed for an indictment.

US authorities claim Huawei used Skycom for obtaining an official ban on the US goods, services and technologies in Iran, and to shift money via the international banking system.

As per the report, the HSBC investigation internally helped to lead the US accusations against Huawei and its CFO.

In the last week, the reports informed how US authorities tracked secretly the activities of Huawei, including the information collected through copying from the electronic devices brought by Chinese telecom executives traveling through airports.

The US President told that he would interrupt in the case if it would play a significant role for securing a trade deal with Beijing. The solicitors have expressed their concerns that she is a hostage and the accusations have “a political character”.