Global death toll from COVID-19 surpasses 4 lakh - TNBC USA

The novel coronavirus has killed 4,00,000 people with some 70 lakh infections. Just after the global death toll from COVID-19 surpassed 4 lakh, Johns Hopkins University informed 4 lakh 135 people have succumbed to coronavirus. According to reports, the figure has doubled in the past month and a half. 

The United States is the hardest-hit country in the world with over 20 lakh infections and 112,469 deaths. Britain with 40,465 deaths from 2,84,868 cases, Brazil with 35,930 deaths and 6,72,846 infections, Italy with 33,846 deaths from 2,34,801 cases, and France with 29,142 deaths and 1,90,631 cases.

However, most of the deaths have been reported in Europe (183,428). The sharp rise in fatalities and cases in Brazil has made Latin America the current focal point of the virus. But controversy surrounds the country’s data after the health ministry on Friday took down running totals of infections and deaths, later replacing it with figures for the previous 24 hours.

The government was accused by the regional health officials of far-fight President air Bolsonaro of “rendering invisible” the victims of the disease.

“From a health point of view we are witnessing a tragedy… not informing signifies the state is more harmful than the virus,” said Luiz Henrique Mandetta, who was sacked as health minister by Bolsonaro in April. Last month, the World Health Organization warned that Latin America may become the next epicenter of the virus. But, Bolsonaro ignored the warning and said the danger of the virus is overstated, emphasizing his priority is to keep the economy functioning.

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