Friendship Between China And North Korea Is “Irreplaceable”, Says Xi Jinping

Friendship Between China And North Korea Is “Irreplaceable”, Says Xi Jinping

On Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping has written a rare opinion piece in an official newspaper of North Korea, just a day before his visit to Pyongyang, claims Beijing’s bond with North Korea is “irreplaceable”.

President Jinping is scheduled to visit Pyongyang on June 20 and June 21 at the invitation of North Korean President Kim Jong Un.

It comes as a nuclear settlement between President Kim and the United States President Donald Trump have soured after a second meet in February concluded without a deal, failed to agree on what Pyongyang would desire to give up in exchange for sanctions relief.

In the op-ed piece in the Rodong Sinum, the official mouthpiece of North Korea’s ruling Worker’s Party, the Chinese President is willing to make joint plans with Pyongyang to attain “permanent stability” in the East Asian region.

“We will actively contribute to regional peace, stability, development and prosperity by strengthening communication and coordination with North Korea and other relevant parties to make progress in talks and negotiations on the issues on the Korean Peninsula,” said President Jinping in the piece.

North Korea and China have worked hard to improve relationships in the previous year after deteriorated as China backed a series of United Nations Sanctions against Cold War time ally over its nuclear activities.

This trip has long been awaited by North Korean key diplomats and major provider of trade, and came after President Kim travelled to Beijing four times to meet his Chinese counterpart.

It will be President Jinping’s first trip to Pyongyang since Chinese President Hu Jintao went in North Korea in 2005.

In the op-ed, the Chinese President has stressed that this year marks the 70th Anniversary of China-North Korea’s relations, and claims their friendship to get stronger as time passes.

President Jinping wrote, “Over the past 70 years we (North Korea and China) have been unyieldingly advancing forward on the same boat, breaking through rain and wind.” adding that “One can say this friendship is irreplaceable even with millions of fortune.”

Ahead of G20 Summit in Japan, President Jinping’s visit to Pyongyang would raise query at the White House, where President Trump is likely to meet President Jinping to discuss their ongoing trade war.

Analysts claims that the Chinese President’s tour is intended as a signal to the US President of his influence and support for the North Korean President.

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