A Pakistani-American woman has confessed in the federal court about the using of Bitcoin for investing on the ISIS through the frontage in Turkey, China and Pakistan. Zoobia Shanaz of 27 years old made the confession in front of Judge Joanna Seybert in the federal court of Central  Islip in New York state.

The officials of the law enforcement said in an agreement with the prosecutors, she confessed about loan fraud and issuing the credit card for gathering money which she converted to the Bitcoin and other kinds of cryptocurrencies to finance the ISIS, which is deputed as a terrorist organization by the US government.

She confronts up to 20 years in the prison while she is sentenced. A charged person can make an endorsement with the prosecutors  – familiar as plea deal – to confess to guilt about the exchange for the favour in order to escape from a lengthy trial and the probable risk factors of firm sentences.

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are the computer-generated virtual currencies which are tough to monitor for the government and can be exchanged easily for liquid cash beyond the borders.

The malicious fact that surfaced in court filings by the authorities of US is the reference of ISIS front organizations or individuals in China. The country strictly -directed by a government that is recently driving a huge campaign against the Muslim separatists in the Xinjiang region.

In July of 2017, Zoobia Shahnaz was convicted by the Joint Terrorism Task Force as she was preparing to go from a New York airport to Pakistan and visit from there to Syria via Turkey.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation Assistant Director -in Charge, William Sweeney said, “ In the interest of empowering and enriching a terrorist organisation whose aim is to harm America, Zoobia Shahnaz turned her back on her country and her fellow citizens

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