In Paris, the Eiffel Tower has celebrated the 130th birth anniversary, marks the day with a light show at the famous monument.

Eiffel Tower was constructed for the 1889 World’s Fair, which stands at 324 metres in height and 7300 tonnes weighs, attracts over 7 million visitors annually.

Despite asked for its demolition in the years after the exhibition was concluded, soon it became the most iconic figure on the skyline of Paris and became the most visited monument in France.  

A Canadian tourist Laurie claims, “The Eiffel Tower is a must.”

Christophe Girard, considering cultural affairs at the City Hall in Paris, claims that the recent fire at Notre-Dame cathedral has demolished its spire and most of its roof, had awakened people to “the importance of our heritage” and that it “can disappear or be damaged”.

Eiffel Tower was considered to be the tallest structure across the globe for 41-years until the construction of the Chrysler Building in New York was completed in 1930.

Last year, a part of stairs from the Eiffel Tower was sold for around 170000 Euros.

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