Donald Trump Took Tough Stand Against Pakistan’s Support For Terrorism, Says Mike Pompeo

Donald Trump Took Tough Stand Against Pakistan’s Support For Terrorism, Says Mike Pompeo

The United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has informed that President Donald Trumps’ Administration has taken a tough step against Pakistan for its “unacceptable support” for terrorism.

On Wednesday, during the India Ideas Summit in Washington, Mike said that “under President Trump, we have taken our defence cooperation to new heights solidifying our common vision in the Indo-Pacific and has taken a far tougher stand on Pakistan’s unacceptable support for terrorism.”

It came days after Washington had declared that it has withdrawn tax exemption program for Pak diplomats.

Already the United States has blocked Pakistani diplomats working in Washington from travelling outside 25-km radius around the city without permission.
In 2018, President Trump has suspended $1.3 billion annual security aid that was offered to Pakistan, criticizing it over its negligence on terrorism front.

Focus on India-US ties under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mike asserted that Washington and New Delhi have an exceptional opportunity to seek advantage of its “special partnership”.

“When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the United States in 2017, President Trump and Modi shared a few hugs and goodwill. PM Modi said Indian interest lies in a strong, prosperous and successful America. In similar ways India’s development and its growing role at the international level are in the United States of America’s interest as well,” added Mike Pompeo.

His visit to India, which is scheduled for the end of June, will take place as two nations get ready for a meeting between President Trump and PM Modi during G-20 Summit on June 28 and June 29 in Japan’s Osaka.

The US Secretary of State further said that the United States is open for a dialogue to fix trade differences with India.

Mike Pompeo said, “It’s a partnership of equals is how we see it. In my upcoming visit, we will probably discuss the GSP decision.”

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