The US President Donald Trump approached “tremendous progress” in US-China trade negotiations and the chinese leader Xi Jinping told that the bilateral relationship between two global powers was at a “critical stage”, before one month for settling their tariff dispute.

The US President told to the negotiators, “ You will be going early February with your group to China”, after spending the second day of discussions with Chinese counterflow.

In a letter from Xi to Trump, which was interpreted by the Chinese delegation, Xi told bilateral relations between US and China was at a crucial stage and that was expected “our two sides will continue to work with mutual respect ”.

The Chinese envoys led by Vice Premier Liu He was in Washington for the complicated discussions on the rectification of a trade war between the two largest economic power of the world.

Washington has declared a deadline on the 1st march for China to agree to the condensed reformation ending what the White House informs are illegal trade customs, along with safeguarding and methodological property stealing.

According to the US President, the bilateral relations between the two countries are “very, very, good”.

If there is no agreement deal has been signed, he informs tariffs already imposed on $200 billion in Chinese imports will rise from the current 10 percent to 25 percent.

The trade negotiator of America, Robert Lighthizer told that although there had been “ progress…, we have much work to do”.

Discussions have been focussed on the structural matters and how to impose any endorsement, informed by the US trade negotiator. Lighthizer told, “ It’s impossible for me to predict success but… it could happen”.

Earlier, the US President told that he did not want a half-settled deal which only assists China to initiate the trade on the certain products.

The US President told, “I have to do the real deal. I have to open up China. We’re open to them, they have to be open to us ”. He added, “It’s going to be a very comprehensive deal. We’re going to cover everything. ” Trump told, “ I think we can do it by March 1. Can you get it down on paper by March 1? I don’t know”.

Since last year, Beijing and Washington have exchanged tit-for-tat methodology on more than $360 billion in bilateral each other trade, pushing pressure on the Chinese economy, where development is weakening.



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