Discussion Between Trump And Moon Jae-In For Further Meetings With Kim Jong Un - TNBC USA

US President Donald Trump informed that he and his South Korean Counterfellow Moon Jae-in will discuss the initiatives of North Korea during their meeting at White House, including prospective summits with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

According to President Trump, the significant resolution can come out through negotiations with North Korea even though Washington was nor ready for the meetings with Kim. He said great progress can be sorted and that he respects the leader of North Korea.

Moon was presented in Washington for the significant discussions that he expected that the approaches would make the way of denuclearization proceedings by North Korea following a specific track after a meaningless summit between the United States and North Korean leaders in February.

Before his trip, the lieutenant of Moon emphasized the requirement of the revival of US-North Korean discussions as soon as possible after a second summit between the US President and Kim came apart in Hanoi on 28th February.


President Trump diversified his wishes to Kim in remarks with Moon by his side, while Moon told Trump that there was a substantial turnaround in the situation on the Korean Peninsula after the first meeting of the US President with Kim.

Moon clarified that he believed the potential diplomacy of the US President, which was directed to a military agitation and he also believes, the issues can be determined through dialogue.

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